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100 Percent Colombian: All My Time Is Gone lyrics

Like 9 till 10 love 5 point hit
All you had was your fist if it was in the grim
Some say they're ignorant
They leave a trail spend hard time in jail
And bang their girl through the mail
But now millennium where did the time go
And while the lines show now sit dressed up before geraldo
Now if you've seen hard times you're not alone
9 seven hoboken upon your telephone

All my time is gone
All my time is gone
So familiar I hear the music in my head

Now I got myself in with men of respect
I might get off easy or get a broken neck
But when they find me I'll give 'em hell
Not form but 'cause I never fail
Like rocky till the ring of bell
Hard times depression's curve
I think a lot about nouns but nothing in verbs
I wanna run, you make me stay
I scured the edge of the map until I get out of range

Chorus (5x)