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100 Percent Colombian: Korean Bodega lyrics

He got the pizza and brew, sensational
20,000 out on the street and accidental
Here's to the one, the one around my way
Giving love to the peoples, many hours, many days
See he is both the hero and the pragmatist
Doing push-ups in the back, and waving his fists
The kids from the school, call it subterfuge
Scars on his limbs is about to use

Korean bodega, it's in my favor (2x)

See him hangin' on the street with the I'll shopkeeper
Breakin' down a broken parking meter
Sprite on ice, fruit loops
And jesse james gotta lot of customers but don't know their names
Downtown like pittstreet they run outta hope
They far from ligit sellin' heroin and coke
He says you catch me doin' that you hangin' out on a rope
I gotta korean bodega, my shit is dope

Chorus (repeat to fade out)