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15 AAos De Guerra: Third Reich lyrics

An astonishing man
Astonished the world
The avenger of versailles
The defier of the world

A genius and a criminal
Brought raging war to the world
People trembled to his word
And so did the world

He persevered and never lost hope
The owner of the third reich
A man who died for his cause
And refused to lose the war

Blood quickly spread it's wings
To the innocent
Six years of decadence
That marked the world
The eagle reached it's highest point in 1942
Sudden death and destruction
From skies and land

And in his last days he killed himself
Madness still standing by his side
Anger still guiding his thoughts
A shot in the mouth
And the nightmare was over

Third reich, third reich, third reich
Destiny upon the human race
Suffer when no god could help
Third reich, third reich, third reich
Legions blinded by hatred
To kill became natural

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