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2004 Warped Tour Compilation: Back Home - Pepper lyrics

Verse 1:
The sun is melting that ego, you better find a new place to hide it.
Do you really know who you are? Does anybody really care?
Go purchase your friends at the mall, there going on sale soon.
Meet us at the check out line so we can all laugh at you.

I'm feeling depressed and real low no popularity has taken it's toll,
I know there's no way back from this.
So how could life get worse than this.

Verse 2:
They don't know me they never even gave me a chance.
They threw my ass on the bathroom wall I'm thinking bout moving to France.
Well, the last mile is miles away and I'm on my way out of the game.
You don't know what they made me do and I'm not permitted to say.


I got no friends none at all.
People think it's funny but I don't at all.


Verse 3: They'll chase you on your way back home.
Slam the door and jump in bed don't you come out till it's safe.
I guess that by then you'll be dead.
Oh why must they come after me why can't they pick on somebody else.
It's like I did something wrong, but I guess it's something I missed.

Laughing I know who there laughing about.