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4 Notes On A Dying Scale: The Ballad Of Johnny Loveless lyrics

You had me second guess my instinct
As I gave you the benefit of the doubt
My heart gave in to you
You showed me you didn't care
I never thought you'd be the one to stand on the other side of the fence
Good god I was wrong but I'll never be wrong again
What did you want from me
I gave you a solid friendship
You picked the wrong fucker to deceive
Now you got yourself a conflict
You broke a solid trust
A trust that'll never mend
I gave you everything
But now I'm gonna watch you fall

No one will save you now boy
You better run
Your game is over now but
My game has just begun

Even though I moved on
And started all over again
My guts wrenching from the fact
That you had a hand in this
As well as me moving on
I'll be there for your demise
Your downfall will be at the expense of your ignorance

You hold the truth