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4 Notes On A Dying Scale: The Outsiders lyrics

We are the creatures of the night, we walk alone
Amidst the shadows where your nightmares are born
Our presence grows in the wake of the fire
As the reflection of the flames are seen in our eyes.

Who can we trust in this time of despair
Our hands tied by fate, our thoughts are impaired
But here we stand at the mercy of the night
Through eyes that see grey to things that were white

Have you seen us? The outsiders?
You can find us lurking in the shadows on the darkest day

Were all each other in this game of defense
We must evade the capture of those who pretend
They come with their smiles in a state of fallen grace
But look into their eyes and youll see it on their face

When our eyes are closed and the lights go out
We then become vulnerable to those who seek our demise
Trashcan fires used to draw us out
Only make the shadows come to life
Were all content
Well use them to defend

The nights calling