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Acid Drinkers: Angry And Bloody lyrics

Lend me your gun, I 've got someone to kiss
I 'm still nervous when I walk down the street,
Fresh wounds, old wounds, every one knows
Don 't scream on me here we go !! . . .
I sell old block, I fly straight
Got no time to rot, I 've got new carburetor
I 'm leavin ' this suckers valley
And they are peevish like the deepest asshole !
My blood is hot, hot as hell
My leash was bitten through, no time to lose
Leavin ' the ghetto, I 'm not lookin ' back
I 'm not willing to suppurate !
Oh, kiss my ass, I 'm on my way now,
But I stop at every alehouse
I feel the force, I 've got the power
Gonna make it show like rapid fire.
I am a shark, I 'm the leader of the pack
Every one looks at my crocodile shoes
And no one knows what 's in my head
No one know 's, if I 'm good or bad !!
I 'm back
You 'll see your own dead body
I 'm back
I 'm angry and bloody !!
You cannot stop me, man.