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Art Of Deception: Yama lyrics

Twas a night like any other night would seem
I lay my weary head to sleep
I recall a full moon on the rise above
And pray the lord my soul to keep
Then all at once commotion rushed into my room
A chilling wind that pierced my soul
I've kept my silence long enough the time has come
To tell a tale that must be told

There it stood before me crouching idlely
With claws, 2 horns and mighty wings
A mighty beast could rip a man from limb to limb
With pointy spikes a top each feet
Then all at once it spoke to me in eerie tones
Of which I cannot not soon forget
He said my name is Yama and I come in peace
To bring you news will not regret

He said I've watched closely for 6 thousand years
And got just what your looking for
A discus made of gold and all that you desire
If you kneel before me on the floor
I tried to think about it all so rationally
And understand his wicked ways
Then I felt the floor begin to pull me down
Almost as if I was in a daze

But then I looked straight through his empty promises
And realized it was all a game
Of all the millions who were deceived before me
I guess I'm just not the same
So let us both forget this ever happened here
Depart this place now if you please
Cuz I'd rather die here standing on my feet
Then live a day on my fucking knees

I'd rather die on my feet
Then live on my fucking knees