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Coup: Everything lyrics

"...and it was just about the part of the close [?] when the hinges went to
flyin off da motherfuckin doors"
[Pam the Funkstress scratches sample]
superior sound quality
[sample, appears throughout]
dub your shit baby
chorus (2x):
everybody put/throw your lighters up
tell me, y 'all finna fight or what?
everybody get your shit started
this is *y 'all* motherfuckin party!
Every death is an abrupt one
Every cop is a corrupt one
without no cash up in the trust fund
Every cat wit a gat wanna bust one
Every guest want a plus-one
Every tenement 's a penitent
Every tried man is innocent
Time served should be the cent spent
Everybody wanna hear the lick
Every one a y 'all is getting pimped
Every time i spit i 'm feelin ripped
Every cancer is a homicide
Every boss better run and hide
Every human is some kin to Black
Every Visa got a pin to crack
Every verse is from the cardiac
Every search is involuntary
Every inmate want commisary
Every bank note is promissory
Every broke motherfucker finna form a gang
and when we come we takin everything.
chorus (2x):
Every mack want a cadillac
Every mark want they scrilla back
Every narc want a hit of crack
In the park or a pontiac
Every little cent is to the rent
Every roach is a resident
Every truth ain 't evident
Every slave story, present tense
Every [??up lies??] a consequence
Every time it be something sweet
Every banker is a fuckin thief
Everybody betta holla wit me
Every fiend need a dolla fifty
Every crime that i do is petty
Every criminal is rich already
Every lender got a complex
Every single is a bomb threat
Every sellout, may ya hate my verse
Everybody, they gon ' get it first
Every broke motherfucker finna form a gang
and when we come we taking everything
chorus (2x):
[Pam scratches]
superior sound quality
chorus (2x):