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Dink: 3 Big Bags lyrics

So you feel like you're all grown up now
A great big fish in a great big town
With the whole wide world at your fingertips
All slicked back and ruby lipped

An all-star player at the front of the line
Kissing lots of ass and working overtime
You got real good at acting your age
You're a bird in search of a cage

Ever since you were young it's been push, push, push
And now looking back it seems torturous
You say I'm the greatest thing that this worlds ever seen
My mommy and daddy wouldn't lie to me

They gave me everything that they thought I would need
A sack of gold and a sack of leaves
Hit me real good and screamed with rage
Now I'm a bird in search of a cage

A sack of gold, a sack of leaves
A sack of dirt for us to eat
Cross the road, walk the tracks
Open your eyes and don't look back

You got an 8-ball in your coat and some money in your wallet
A hundred dollar bill is rolled up in your pocket
It's a fast, fast world for a fast, fast guy
The king of the hill with your head in the sky

You sold that sack of gold a long time ago
And the big bag of leaves was getting old
Strutting around like you're on a stage
Dirty little bird found a dirty little cage

Time's gone by and you're feeling pretty old
All your friends stopped calling back a long time ago
You know there's something missing but you don't know what
It ain't money, ain't power, ain't a silky little slut

Youre a time bomb, time bomb born without a fuse
Credit's running out and the bills are coming due
Now your wings are all shriveled and youre counting up your days
The door's always open but you love your filthy cage