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Gear: Nothing lyrics

Here I come and I'm shaking
Since I'm in all this mess I've been making.
For a moment, I thought I had it,
But then I lost it and she let me have it.

I've been asked about a million times and
I don't know it, I can't show it to you people,
Since I'm crippled too.

Girls, take me home,
When I'm feelin' low.
Boys never show
What they really know

Love! Oh, no, no
It only goes to show,
That I don't even know
Oooooh, nothing. No.

Stop me, look at me, I'm free,
Be like me, be like me, don't be like me, or you'll never be free.

She had a bad day, a bad day.
But I don't follow you down, so I'm getting out...

Why I can't I forget the things that we said,
The things that we said, they fuck with my head.
If I never see you ever again, it will be soon enough!