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Girlschool: Crazy lyrics

This is a modern war
Walk on eggshells
The cracks are showing
Under colour of the truth
Fuel the fire
Fan the flame
Silvery tongue
Don't you speak in our name
This is modern war
Under the veil
Cast a chill across the sky
And twist the Lion's tail
Fuel the fire
Fan the flame
Who do you think that you are
Kidding all the same?

We don't wanna live that script again
So open up your eyes (The World's Gone Crazy)
The angels weep and as we sleep
The world is going crazy (The World's Gone Crazy)
And if , the wheels of fate have set their date
We stand and wait (The World's Gone Crazy)
An eye for an eye and we'll all go blind
The world is going crazy (The World's Gone Crazy)

There are smart bombs
But dumb men
Sell us down the river
Say it's us versus them
But we fall asleep
Beneath the same spangled stars
And share the same sky
And we bear the same scars
Somebody's daughter
Somebody's son
And a million tears
For a war that can't be won
Then you open the floodgates
By evening the score
With every death each one of us
Just dies a little more