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Giving Myself Away: Earth Gently Rolls lyrics

The body of water that swallowed me whole
The wave that came rolling and swept me from shore
The feeling of floating forevermore
I pick my brain apart until it's sore
I keep myself in tune with love and war
I try to choose between truth and lore

To try and strike a chord that rings
And it rakes my mind and stirs up all these things
And the dust flies into the air like it has wings
I awake to find that I'm feeling as clean as spring

The lengthening shadow that's tied to my soles
The grey on the ground that grows and grows
The feeling of peace while the earth gently rolls
Most thoughts in my brain I've never told
I can't help my frozen heart from being cold
The weather is getting warm but I'm feeling old

To try and see the truth that you claim you found
Well I want a piece and I'll dig deep into the ground
And I'll stay inspired as I get further and further down
And I won't grow tired if this planet keeps spinning 'round

I feel like somethings missing and I've gotta use my arms and legs
To try and make a different life
To try and find a different faith
'Cuz I've been frozen in position and I think it's time I've gotta go
Away from the same day different clothes
The same day just different clothes
And maybe I'll miss it but more likely I won't
I'll pack up and leave my home