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Giving Myself Away: Year After Year lyrics

I try and find a key so I can sing or say
A little of my peace in a subtle way
This guitar I can barely play
Yet I still strum along
And I yearn to hear your thoughts
Maybe a little praise
At first that's what I got
But it never seems to stay
And for a time I kept it caged just to let it go

I thought I'd come such a long way
I thought I'd broken some brand new ground
But still I live with the same fate
Again and again, year after year
And I'd be pleased with just your company
Stuck to the walls in here just hanging around
Until we feel there's nothing more to see
We'll get the hell out of here

I knew that all the while you tried to stay the same
Same hair, same scent, same smile
And when it came time, you loved the change
And you embraced it so
For now we'll drive this lathe and with an honest try
We'll go against the grain
And I think we'll find it's best that you and I have changed
And we'll just let it show
Oh god we'll let 'em know