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Going Legit: America The Beautiful lyrics

You don't like goin' to work
But you don't like bein' at home
You can't take bein' alone
But you can't stand anyone

The girl next door is in love
Yet she gives you the eye
But you don't give a damn
So lonely and cold is her home

America the beautiful!
Nothing can save us
America the beautiful
It's gone and raped us

Yer afraid of gettin' old
But thank God cause they can't draft you
Or me!

Crime in my mind
Doing time
Schwarzenegger on T.V.
I just wanna fly but together we can die
Very high

I'll surrender my love
Just make sure I get enough rope

"America the beautiful
One thing can free
Don't unlock it... and the wrong gods reign supreme"

Please take our hands
Lead us to promised lands
Someone please!
I'm to talking rap
Or some gun toting empty T.V.
I'm not talking stars or heroes who score
Or whores
I'm not talking bimbos
With long legs and beer galore...