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Going Legit: God's Joke lyrics

The day I found you
You were down here with me
Now when I see you
You hover so high!
You're like a building
Like a jet in the sky
... Ofcourse I cannot believe... !!
... that you were down here with me!

The day we met you were a bum in green
The lowliest bloke
That I' ever seen!

Now you got a job
They rely on you
I ain't got nothin'
How' di' ya do it?
Gimme your secret
Gimme a clue
We shared this corner!
Someone went and helped you!

The day we met...

... but I got the wrong guy
I went and I blabbed
He walked away laughin'
'return to my cold slab
The fool again
Who fought and died
I should have known better
No way out of God's joke

I've been reachin' out
The people walk by
They know I'm insane
It's good to see you
You have faith in me
Now lift me up too

The day we met
You were a bum in green
The lowliest bloke
That I ever seen!