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Going Legit: Wilson Phillips lyrics

The pills were in my hand
The note was on the mirror
All hope had been extinguished
I could see no other options

To/oh... this joke called life
Controlled by the madman above!
I'll owe no beg for forgiveness
Just get me the hell out of here!

... but then
Rock n Roll saved my day
Your pop song gave me a dose of hope
Rock n roll in the sky!
12 years of schooling
Saved in three minutes!

"hold on one more day"
Beautiful, Integral message
Woven in pussy galore

Heavenly angels barking
Genius without parallel
For this begging young lad
Who saw no hand of hope near

Rock n roll saved the day!
Your pop song hooked me a dose of hope
Rock n roll in the sky
12 years of schooling... etc...