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Gone Jackals: Can 't Slow Down lyrics

I 'm driving hard, punching holes in the heat
The air is clammy, a hamper full of nightmare 's sheets.
I 'm goin ' fast like a fading blonde
No time for nothing but goin, goin ', goin ' - gone.
My brakes are failing, blasting through all the lights
My radiator 's been blown since I was five.
The night is clinging and the sidewalks reel
My body 's rusted, I 'm rotten, screaming steel.
Tire treads are smooth and hot
goin ' 'round.
Sirens wailing long and loud
but what 's a man to do
If he can 't slow down.
I 'm knockin ', knockin ' underneath my hood.
Don 't you inspect me, you know I just ain 't no good.
I 'm spittin ' licorice in the D.M.Z.
Both sides sit helpless - ironic equality.
Like a warrior who fights without shield
I 'll go down.
You 'll see me smashed to bits in this town
long before I 'm due
'Cause I can 't slow down.