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Gone Jackals: Hey, Rosalyn! lyrics

You caught, first run, my history -
Altamont, Nixon & G.B.s.
Hey, Rosalyn!
Girl, how long 's it been?
Monster or man,
whatcha ' think of me?
I took my school pre-roms and rams,
but turned up late for "Sirs and M 'ams".
Hey, Rosalyn,
the world spun 'round the bend,
it kicked my friggin ' can,
but whatcha ' think of me now?
Petitioning my family, for me,
when I was young and sweet.
You offered light that lives
in the dungeon
of my anger.
Hey, Rosalyn,
this frug in blood-caked chains
just leaves me more estranged.
Swallow or gag,
when you look at me now?