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Gone Jackals: I 'm Workin ' On You lyrics

Walkin ' down a city street
Hands stuffed deep in my coat
Collar turned up, against a stiff wind
I 'm soon to ford your moat.
I 'm used to wind whippin ' in my face
No tears fall from my eye
Place your obstacles wherever, babe,
I 'll kick 'em out within stride.
I 'm workin ' on you
I 'm workin ' on you
I won 't rest 'till I 'm through
I 'm workin ' on you.
Deception is such a dangerous game
And you 're so big on surprise
But it 's best to know with whom you roll
Before you go dealin ' up lies.
Push back, baby,
Push back, baby
C 'mon try.
Gimme some friction,
Faster now
Slicken my rise.