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Gone Jackals: Let 'er Rip lyrics

Lies, lies.
Pile 'em up to the sky.
Stuff yer smile
at the roadkill pile.
Schools out
for the "Wally & Beave",
'cause surfs up
at the Silver Spoon Prep.
If that 's the way it 's gonna be,
let 's skip steps A through Z -
Let 'er rip.
'Till the walls come tumblin ' down.
Peddle some hate.
Shift the blame.
Divide and conquer.
Take your slaves.
If we gotta do a "U.S.S.R."
to purge the hands from the cookie jar -
Let 'er rip.
'Till the walls come tumblin ' down.
Just how long
do you think this can last?
Ain 't you learned Jack
Shit from the past?
Meanwhile, back at the millionaire 's club,
they reach a pleasing accord today -
bought some 10 grand toilet seats
where "Johnny Can 't Read" can sit
and piss his years away.
Let 'er rip.