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Goodnight, My Love: Figurines lyrics

Two little figurines on my bookcase
When lights are low, do you embrace?
Is she just waiting for the lights to dim
So she can be alone with him?

A boy, a girl, I know the love they feel
And with their smile, they look so very real
I know that love like this will always stay
They'll never change from day to day

Figurines have their dreams
Just like we once had
Figurines have their dreams
And they are never sad

A figurine fell and broke apart
Her smile is gone, it must have broke his heart
I saw a little teardrop on the shelf
Now, just like me, he's by himself

Try not to cry, my little figurine
I'll put the pieces back and mend your dream
And then together you will always be
If only you could do the same for me