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Goodnight, My Love: Jimmy Beware lyrics

One night as I lay tossing turning in my bed
An image of a girl danced into my head
A girl I used to love, and this is what she said,
"Beware, Jimmy beware"

"Jimmy beware, Jimmy beware"
"There is danger lurking there
She's just a bubble, not worth the trouble"
"She will give you the air"
"Please don't adore her, soon you will bore her"
"Oh, Jimmy beware
Jimmy beware"

She told me she still loved me
And would always be
Hoping that the day would come
When I'd wake up and see
The girl whose love I longed for
Had no love for me
"Beware, Jimmy beware"

"Jimmy beware, Jimmy beware"
"Oh, it just isn't fair
I made a mistake
My poor heart will break"
"Oh, why can't you care?"
"Come back to me
And soon you will see
A love so rare"
"Jimmy beware"