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Grace Must Wound...: Backgrounds And Longways lyrics

Lately, Ive been taking the backroads and longways
Baby, to the places I found you before
I know it was over a long time before now
Im just hoping you didnt let go

Some days I just wander around in our memories
Some days I cant stand to be near where youve been
Both ways I am always aware of your presence
And Im hoping youll let me back in

Im just better with you than I ever could be on my own
Im just better with you as my family, my shelter, my home

So now, as I stand in your doorway debating
Should I let you know that Im back or sit still
Waiting for your kindness, your sweetness, your mercy
Bridge the gap between my pride and my will

May I breathe your breath
May I drink your words like wine
May I draw you near
And even call you mine