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Greg Long: We Love You Jesus lyrics

They were young and they were free
There were twelve men who believed
In a man who asked them to leave
It all behind and follow me
So they set out on this journey
Not knowing where he would lead
But soon they would see clearly
What the price would have to be
That day would come
When they would choose to live
Or give their lives away
They could have run
But with their final breath
Heaven heard them say

We love you Jesus
With all our hearts
Our Lord and Savior
You've been so good to us
We love you Jesus
You are the light in the dark
We'll follow you anywhere
We love you Jesus

We don't see him with our eyes
Can't touch the scars
That are on His side
Still we feel Him in our soul
And now we know that He's alive
And our message is the same
As the twelve who made the way
With a faith that God will live inside
Of those who call His name
The day has come
To lose ourselves and give our lives away
All for the one
Who's in our hearts
We raise our hands


I believe, I believe in the promise
Of a life that no man can steal away
I believe, I believe we'll all see Jesus
And we'll worship Him forever