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Harry And The Potters: Human Hosepipe lyrics

we went to the coffee tea shop on out first date,
and it started off great,

we made with the talking,
and it was just fine,
but it soon turned into that awkward silence,
and I didn't know what to do next,
so we sat there with all the couples kissing,
and soon things began deteriorating,
and you began turning into the human hosepipe,
and then the next thing I knew you were storming out,
just leaving me wondering,

cho chang, what have i done?
I don't care where you and cedric were snogging,
cho chang, what have I done?
i just want to replay this valentine's day.

well maybe I shouldn't have mentioned hermione,
and maybe you shouldn't have brought up cedric diggory,
because I'd rather not talk about your dead ex-boyfriends over coffee,
and why'd you have to bring up roger davies?
when he's sitting right there with his tea,
cuz if you wanted to go out with roger davies,
how come you're here with me?


cho chang, what have i done?
i don't want to hear about, don't want to hear about, you and roger davies,
cho chang, things have gotten bad between me and you,
so cho chang, i think we're through.