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Ice Berg: Higher Freestyle lyrics

U feel me (woo hoo)
2007 shit
Me and ton, we bout to make a million, doogi what's up
Block what dey do YMF, ple what dey do nigga, fina hit this roach,
He got anotha 1 out there any way
Got a base ball bat out there you know
I'm in my nigga ton whip and I'm doin bout a buck in it
He got mad I told him I bust a nut in it
Metro keep me talkin to my slut bitches
My t-mobile phone bill bout a buck in it
Ain't nobody like I, I do it for da hustlers, fuck the otha side
I'm alrite I'm getting chips from that white bitch, all jokes aside
Jus ask doogi bout dis, five ounces and a doe of that crown vick
95 north, berg on some wild shit(I'm on my way nigga)
Now let's toast to the fact, that I jus copped anotha link all off that
Boy u can't ride with me u ain't in all black, u kno da god damn code
When it come to does clothes, brand new dickie, fuck a outfit a
305 fit it going perfect with my kicks, I'm a bad mutha lover when I'm crunching
On the stick, with all that duck tape wrapped around 2 clips, everybody
Agree when I say bitches ain't shit, but a couple pair of shoes and hoes
Tricjks (holla)