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Jamestown: Famous lyrics

Dont judge me by disarray
My life is about to change
All the bad that came before
I swear it will be no more

I made my plans
To take a stand
Just to show you who I am
And when I make it
Youll have to take it
And wish that you had given me a hand

When I become famous
Youll know what my name is
Ill be glamorous
Posing for cameras
My pictures in the magazines
Im riding in the limousines
Look at me Im a drama queen
(Remember my name! Fame!)
When I become famous

Money in and out of my ass
They say it never buys you class
But when Im the one calling all the shots
Ill be a have not a poor have not

Ill be a star
Diamonds and cars
Everyone will know me then
And when I make it
Youll have to take it
Tell all your friends that you knew me then

I tried to love you a million times
But you laughed and passed me by
You will regret it
And wont forget it
When you see my name in light