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Joe Pizzulo: Friends Around The World lyrics

Walking through the woods today

Walking hand-in-hand

Pooh and friends were on their way

On their way to nowhere planned

They stopped to look up at the trees

A hundred shades of green

Yet the colors blends across the land

Pooh and friends are just like trees

Each one is unique

Tigger dances as he pleases,

Piglet's small and often meek

Though Rabbit sometimes makes a fuss,

they love him just the same

And they still love Owl when he takes too long to speak


Friends Around the World

All in harmony

Holding hands together side-by-side

Friends around the world

All varieties

Living underneath the same blue sky

Friends around the world

Is a special place, wherever there is Pooh

While Eeyore shows a gloomy face,

in his own way he's special too

And though they all have difference,

as different as they are

They are best of friends through and through

Repeat Chorus once