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Kathaaria: Archives Of Doubt lyrics

A dissident - forlorn - forsaken
Like an architect of slow death
Coping with the shape of snakes

Once cowering in embryonic shape
Sullen in spirit
Now rising - cutting to feel
Defeating self-perseverance
With numbered moments and poisoned mind(s)
A corpse still warm exhales

Dissenter from the core

A burst of energy serves as the last enchantment
Disturbing the peace
Maiming the scarred remains
In the shadows of wolves
"in the midst of life we are in death"

May the stars be hidden
In a thicket of obliteration
Inexorable shall be the dawning of disorder
A clean killing going in circles
11 seals prosper the departure of truth
Holy decay extinguish organic grandwhore
We shall not overcome
Once and for all

Sic transit gloria mundi!