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Lil' Ouija: 5150 lyrics

Ripley's won't believe I'm shot,limppin' down da block tryin' to scoot out carry da bloody Glock cause pussies they plottin' tryin' to take da loot out my pocket cause I'm quick to let da glock spit at his 350 rocket then I'm split runnin' down da block no sence it did made them bitch made mutha fuckaz whipped out da gauge n blazed my rib cage I'm daze on da ground hella bleedin' ass out I remember seein' somebody put me in a glass house I passed out then my spirit arose up out my flesh I'm old mo mo' bullet holes in my chest a gold vest when I awaken fo' mista go tech nines awaitin' the Lord wanted me to kill Satan fo' playa hatin' cause I'm tha G'est ma fucka to do da job right come back tonight strapped tonight he said if I succeed he'll gring my family n dead homies back to life a big ass Eagal scooped me up them we bails out flyin' through the cuts goin' a secret hill route the whole scene was a disasta Friday the 13th da final chapta look at ma fuckaz wit' casper da ghost but I float until I smoked the big man slipped in quicksand he's gonna kill me but my spirit slipped in my body I yelled watch out he's gonna get me they didn't get me huh they labeled my ass 5150 but secne this da remix I had ta add my own shit yo' Red iz da color of da blood dat spills out yo' chest when I blast you wit' da fuckin' twelve gauge I'm fulla rage and ready to explode like a fuckin' grenade beter send in air raid cause this ma fuckaz insane to fucked in the brian and my main issue iz all da fuckin' pain I feel inside I don't need to go 5150 I'm already their it's scarey in hell I'm stuck soulless workin' fo' da Devil Ouija ma fuckaz I'm a demon rebel and if you wanna fight talk shit to my 9 mutha fucka