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Lord: Redemption lyrics

Oh no, what have we done?
Where do we go from here?
Oh... we see only sorrow and pain

Where is the light to guide us?
To help the children find their way?
Lay defeated and drowned by the rain

Oh, keep searching for the reason
The only way out
Is to search for the answer within

Oh - return from the cold and open your eyes
Redemption, arise
Oh - a spirit of gold, remember your pride
The hero inside... within us all...

So now, where do we go?
Blinded we search for the sun
Oh... who will shelter us all from the rain?

To find the will inside us
Reach for the dawn of an unclouded day
Now free from the sorrow and pain

Oh, no more staring back in anger
Release your true self
And let the renaissance begin...