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Lou Bega: 1 1=2 lyrics

Back on stage baby here i am
I don't give a damn 'cause i enterin 'em
I gotta mic in my left and a honey in my right
And that is enough to make the vibes feel tight
I feel feel feel feel feel so good
To bring my swing into your neighborhood
Oh so so so so swing the vibe
Funky as I am ain'tno other tonight
Baby show me 1+1=2
Show me all the things that you can do
Show me me that you need me show me that you love me
Baby show me 1+1=2

Babe i count on u so count on me
Be my beauty on tv so get out and set me free
I make u understand u are my woman i am your man
And if it takes it all i do all what i can u are my my my number1
And not my my my number 5
So please baby please baby please baby come
Pleas baby come and get into my life