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Lunachicks: Mom lyrics

wont leave the house till its all in place
you know a mess is a human discrace
clean up the dishes take out the trash
cats are fed and potatoes are mashed
one day the juice was left out
she was in a rush
wont leave the juice out on the table
she 'd rather not go
leave the juice out for 5 minutes
leave it out for 10 or 12
your life is tick tick tocking by
leave the juice out befroe its too late
wont leave the juice out
cvant hook-up the water spout
cant record on the vcr,
but she works
she works so hard, mom oh mom
just leave it on the table
go outside and smell the air,
its not clean its worse then the table
but you breathe it everywhere
studies oh she studies
she studies so hard
reads those books, writes those papers
heats up coffee thats been sitting there
if it tastes a little old she does 'nt care
but beware
you dont like our tattoos
but you kinda like my pink hair
I dont like your panty hose
I like a different kind of underwear
I left the house before it was too late
now I 'm living like a human, just great!
bye mom, I 'll see ya later