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Magna-Fi: Drown lyrics

I need to hear your voice.
To know you 're there.
Ineed to feel your arms around me.
To make me whole again.
And you won 't have to worry that there 's no one you can trust.
I want to drown in everything you are.
Let me fall so far.
I want to drown.
In everything you are.
Everything you are.
You left me kneeling, burning down one side overcome by sorrow.
You don 't know how hard I tried.
In every give theres take away.
Just let me take it back.
I need to hear your voice.
To know that you 're there.
I need to break this silence.
To know that you still care.
When every nerve is screaming
God don 't let this be unfair.
I want to drown in everything...
Everything you are.