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More Deep Cuts: 2 Am lyrics

When it begins, sound rushes in and drowns out everything
Sideways in bed, you cover your ears, the roar is deafening
When it wont quit you stagger up and into the hall
But out there its louder. somebodys party? you start to yell

Hey, buddy, hey! Hey, buddy, please!
Would you quiet down? Youre killing me!
Its 2 AM, I'm trying to sleep!

But the sound keeps going, til the walls are shaking
And no one answers though you keep running around and banging on doors
And it seems strange theres no one home, you start to wonder
Whos making that noise if Im up here all alone?
But then the pitch hits and you stop caring
Cause what was piercing is now controlled
And theres no who and no why and theres no conflict
You breathe it out and let it go.

You start a song and when you sing the sound is gone!
And when you sing the lights come on!
And then the doors all open wide!
And then the whole hall staggers out and sings along!
You rub your eyesthey come closer its
a party?