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Moya Brennan: B Liom lyrics

B liom a str mo chrosa n scaoil m go deo
B liom is tabhairt domh misneach
Gan eagla orm sa cheo
(Be with me forever, my love, to give me courage. I will not be afraid through the mist).

B liom nach fada 'n oche gan t ag mo thaobh
Sulfidh m amach ar imeall ag cuart ceol binn r
(I am alone through this long night but I will walk to the edge in search of a new song).

B liom ar lorg sochin is saoirse fad
Dirt t liom : ist fuaim !an chlirseach !
Sin an ceol binn r
(Be with me to find the peace and freedom of long ago.
You told me to listen for the harp because this is where I will find the new song).