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Nemesis: Nameless lyrics

Cant tell you why I feel what I feel
Cant tell you why think what I think
I feel the rage in my hands, the need to kill
I see the cage that keeps me, makes me so ill
Satisfaction, desire for freedom
My mind gets insane, thoughts I can not leadem!

I know this dark side in me
Cannot put it out of me
I try to see reality
I die of my insanity

Im so ill
Insane my mind
Cant control
I get so blind

I rape myself, rape you, rape her
I hate myself, hate you hate her
My heart is bloody, my soul is dead
I seek for a victim, victim to stab
Your body down, her body down
Stabbintheir minds down to the ground.


NAMELESS and all the above are copyrighted by /`NEIMLIS/ 1998