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Never Gonna Show Despair: I'm Tired Of Being Pushed Around lyrics

I walk 60 blocks
And I'm bein' pushed around
Tired of it
Trust me you won't like me
When I'm mad
Oh no
Your messin' with the wrong man
Pushed to the ground
Around and around
Tired of it!

I'm bein pushed around
I'm gonna yell so loud
I'm tired of bein' pushed around!
Tired of bein' pushed around
what's wrong with the world
It's goin haywire
I'm gonna burst in flames
Nothings the same

Nobody cares
And they're never gonna
Because they are distracted
By money and fabrics
Nothing is not gonna change!

It's time to fight!
I'm tired
Of bein' pushed around!
And around
And around
I'm gonna fight!

Never gonna let the pushing get to me
But it's so hard to ignore!
I'm at the bottom if the life chain!
No one knows my name
It's just not the same!

I'm tired!
Of being pushed around!
And around!
So I'm Gonna Fight!