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Older Than Shit Heavier Than Time: Board Youth lyrics

Not much to do on a Friday night,
It's no big deal I'm feeling alright
We're all hanging out eating junk food
When the cavities set in we're all fuckin' screwed
Gonna watch TV and laugh until we choke
Head on out for burritos and coke
We're all fueled up ready to roll
Thrashin' like mad yea we're out of control
We are the board youth and we are here to stay
Hang out all night and sleep all day
Running wild in the streets with no place to go
Causing chaos and tearing up your shows
Look outside it's starting to pour
Keep your chin up, you know what's in store
Gonna skate the parking garage tonight
Bomb the ramps, slash everything in sight
3am heading back, time to crach down and let the bed bugs attack
This is what we do, it's how we survive
We are the board youth
It's tough stayin' alive