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One Less Reason: 77 lyrics

Verse 1
This happend once before with someone just like you.
I let my guard down and got devestated.
If you listen close, you might here that sound.
I'm not sure but I think its my heart breaking.

Someday you'll see I love the way you love me.
In me there's nothin good but you.
And when this ends we'll feel so over rated.
Outdated but never ashamed.

Verse 2
You know I'll try and change.
I did'nt mean to lie.
But everything I am is falling around me.
You're so deep inside
But I can't forget the first time I made you cry.


Black and white will fade to grey.
There's nothing like you.
I lost all I am in just one day.
Tell me this is not real.
Consider yourself my very one desire.
Consider yourself my slave.
Consider yourself at my fingertips.
Consider yourself my slave.
I think you're beautiful.