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P.Y.T.: Anywhere USA lyrics

Everywhere we go we see you
We feel the energy you're givin back us
We travel many miles to be with you
and we would do it again because
because between us there's no distance(distance)
even though we come from many worlds apart
It really doesn't make a difference
Anyway, Anyhow, where we are
Being here with you this way
Reminds us of a place

Anywhere USA
no matter where we go
London, Paris, Rome,
It feels like
Anywhere USA
It never feels to far away from home

From home OH any where
Everybody's got a bible
Let's get together
there's a roof right over this house
We speak a language
IT's the same one
Isn't that what it's all about
Being here with you this way
reminds us of a place

Chorus x2

You're the one I'm seein
when the groove is playin
Keep it movin so you never wanna stop
This is what we had together
Oh Can't get no better
Anywhere is home when you've got what we've got


Wether in Tokyo
Or New York City
Canada, Paris, Miami
We raise the roof
We're P.Y.T.
Rock the world
We're all family
Anywhere is home when ya got what we've got
Kick back, relax
till we hit you're spot
Boston, DC, and Philly,Bombay
Anywhere USA

Chorus x3