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Paria: 9 Years lyrics

Counterfeit eyes stare off into the distance
Looking past every word I've said and everything I've ever done for you
Make me whole again and make thse tears come to and end
Help me find a way and help me find a reason to live again
The sun's too bright for me to look into
So i'll stay here and wait
For time to mend this broken man
Tomorrow I'll be dead again
Today's the same as yesterday and yesterday is the same as today
It never changes
Why waste life feeling pain?
Now I know not which is worse
To live or die
Is a choice I'v emade on my own
I've slipped into a pool of my own sorrow and it's here I'll stay
With no questions asked
And with no remorse
Because It won't matter
This is all a joke and it's been taken far too far
But I won't complain and I won't say a single word
I'll just sit and watch as the lights above me dim
I'll sit and watch this world fall apart
Right in front of me
Now you shatter and I rush to sweep up the pieces
In hopes to find redemption
I could have saved you yet again I slip and fall
Your face fills me with pity for those who hide from the truth