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Park: S Is For Susan lyrics

The look in your eyes
Is barely recognizable;
Or so it seems to be
Attracted to
Within reach of a whisper.
Srain your ears,
Just to hear them speak.
Seconds slip by,
Words turn into wounds;
Flling into
Every piece of you
Two times at night
And double that on the weekends.
I could tear my hands across your back and still hear you scream...
Goodbye Susan.
Hope you had fun.
I never intended any of this to happen.
Yet I still recall the smell of your car last fall
And how it felt to be close to you.
The slant of your smile
Is only noticed by the line;
Or so it seems to be
Attracted to
Between here and there.
I might not redraw
The fragile lines of Seattle
Minutes pass by
Settling the wounds.
Tripping into
Every inch of you.
Goodbye Susan