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Pearl Snaps: Big Shot Rich Man lyrics

Folks like me, theyre always moving
It seems to be the only way to stay
There aint nothin too strange or too confusing
Its better to change a little everyday
Some folks travel, some folks settle
Some folks own and some folks rent
Some folks marry, some just stay single
Everybody wonders where the money went

I dont wanna to live like a big shot rich man
I dont wanna to live like a branded slave
I just want to give some land to my children
So they wont have to buy my grave

I want to go back to California
I want to be in that state once more
When the floods come in and the quakes are over
I hope I'm not sittin on the ocean floor
Gonna be with my friends back in Oklahoma
Gonna settle down on a piece of ground
Ill have 100 wives and a mess of puppies
I could live my life, like a natural hound


Gonna roll me a reefer, seven foot long
Smoke that reefer, I got turned on
I hocked a tape deck made in Hong Kong
I bought some more reefer, now my moneys gone