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Pearl Snaps: No Damn Good lyrics

My day usually starts in the neighborhood of two
And thats when youre wanting a call
What can I say Ive got some things that Ive got to do
I been throwin darts at the wall
Yeah, well sometimes folks are fragile and sometimes I dont think
Even if I did it might not change a thing
What were you expecting maybe flowers in the mail
And God forbid I bought a diamond ring

Now if you can find a reason how Im the one to blame
You better write up Congress and have them pass a law
That the world starts and stops at the drop of your will
And Ill get crucified for it all
This may sound too drastic or alcohol induced
But anything worth saying should be said
What part of Im staying single did you not understand
Right now youre wishing I was dead

Things aint ever as good as they seem
And we never do what we should
So dont set there and come apart at the seams
And dont blame it on me I told you sometimes, well Im no damn good

Well theres somewhere that Im going and it aint where you belong
I know its hard to see from where you are
Someday youll thank me when youre married to a banker
On the upside of town in your flashy car
Yeah but me Ill still be running from love and luck and the devil
Ill find a new place to watch that setting sun
Well the time is always passin so Im telling you not asking
Better go on turn the other way and run