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Peggy Lee: Old Master Painter lyrics


This song *was* done by no fewer than six artists in 1950.
They charted thusly: Richard Hayes (#2); Dick Haymes (#4); Peggy Lee and
Mel Torme (#9); Phil Harris (#10); Snooky Lanson (#12); and Frank
Sinatra (#13) [info from Ronald Hontz]

That old master painter from the faraway hills
painted the violets and the daff-o-dills
He put the purple in the twilight haze
then did a rainbow for the rainy days
Dreamed up the murals on the blue summer skies
painted the devil in my darlin's eyes
Captured the dreamer with a thousand thrills
The old master painter from the faraway hills

Then came his masterpiece and when he was through
He smiled down from heaven and he gave me you
What a beautiful job on that wonderful day
That old master painter from the hills far away

(repeat) Dreamed up etc.

This was found courtesy of: Ken Sherry on the alt.music.big-band