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Pigface: Ten Ground And Down lyrics

Have you seen? I have here is my hand
As blue and cold as a meek star old
and go for a pound - ten ground and down
When the morning after coughs a grateful mile
Curse the morning after tuesday 's child
Winking to the hearts of gold in my hand
Danger god penned in promised land
Here is my heart and head my sharp as a blade
When blind I say to a cold stair old
And go for a pound - ten ground and down
Careful when your skin returns to dirt and gold
Boning bastards trash the centerfold
Miracle and madness seem to start the race
Tuesday 's child removes her guilty face
I 'm not gonna take this anymore
I wanna have it in my heart
You see I 've seen it all before
Ten down and hundreds more
Try to mend credentials dirt remains sublime
Silence and addiction undermine
Kick the bastards out crawl kneeling to his chest
Bone and skin descending burns the best
I 'm not gonna have this anymore
You see I 've had it all before
I won 't be beaten to the ground
Ten down and then ten more