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Pm Dawn: If You Never Say Goodbye lyrics

(A. Cordes/D. Was/C. Carter)
Legs of a god
Head of a man
Eyes of a camel
Shaking everyone 's hands
Fortune Circle
Smack their lips
Sky goes black
As the lightening grips
Styles are new
Home without pay
As weirs of blood
Roll over the city
It 's not a rehersal
For specialty facts
It 's the end of the story
It 's what happens next
And I say
(and I say)
It 's gonna be a second
And I say and I say
In the blink of an eye
And I say
(and I say)
If I bang on the window
And I say it 's okay
If you never say goodbye
Son of the child
Son of the beast
As the statue it stares at us
To wait for the feast
I drempt a dream
But what can it mean?
Angels in love
To follow the queen
All the people danced
Tore at their clothes
Sky caught fire
And the oceans froze
It wasn 't our fable
It wasn 't our house
With seventeen men that were
Thinking of jokes
I saw a jackel
Playing our gun
The light was so blue
And the air was so cold
Tells it how
On a microphone
As the mask he appeared from
Chickened out
People went
It 's one of the jewels
Enter like soldiers
To pardon these fools
It isn 't a sentence
It 's not a reward
It 's a black house here
With a nurse fall on the floor
And I say it 's okay if you never say goodbye (5X)