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Pm Dawn: Why God Loves You lyrics

I look through love baby just like you
I hope to be all it wants me to be
So when you run from me I will always understand
But don 't you want to know why God loves you?
I think I know how divine you are and
I only see what you want me to see
So when you cry a crucifixion I will always comprehend
But will you ever know why God loves you?
I will always love you more because
you want to know why God loves you
All things in time are shadows as divine
Everything I do I only do through you
Will we all survive all the wonders why
As close as we are everyone 's alone
I 'm flesh and blood baby just like you
And we 're also more than we 're able to see
That 's why through all your tribulations
I will always hold your hand
Because you want to know why God loves you
All the things inside are shadows of my lives
Everything you do affects me like I 'm you (because I 'm you)
Will we all survive?
No more wondering why because when closeness comes...